AlWahy is the first and largest community Social Media network
Established in 2005, AlWahy is the first and largest community Social Media network. AlWahy dedicated to the cause and development of social media that is sensitive, relevant and effective for the community worldwide thereby providing a platform to connect and communicate with people across the globe.

AlWahy had over 12 Million registered members around the world. AlWahy Provides a unique one-stop solution for its users, combining Independent Email and Free Global SMS Services, Alternative Search Engine, Blogs, Social Media, Videos, Audios, Entertainment and more.

AlWahy was primarily known as a social networking website for Muslims that was focused on lifestyle aspects of the community. Founded in 2006 by Naushad Saboor of London, the company was created as a Muslim lifestyle social media network with primary focus on Muslims in Muslim-minority countries

Our Mission is to work for a world of co-existence through inclusiveness and participation. As a member of a diverse family of faiths, our efforts will be directed towards Morality, Justice and Equity; to attain a sustainable peace for humankind with a firm grounding in truth. We are committed to working for the Common Good.

In February 2013, AlWahy effectively shut down its social network services.

We recognise that a diverse workforce allows us to provide the best online service as a result, our workforce will be a reflection of the population we serve. We will show respect for all our employees and volunteers, valuing each individual's contribution.

Staff Member Recognised:

Md Naushad: Founder and CEO (2005-2008)
Mr Ron Miller: CEO (2008-2013)

Lead Information Security Analyst
Md Naushad

Mr Yousuf Younus
Mr Shahan Alom
Ms Moshgul Begum
Mr Perarim Kllokoqi

Business Advocates:
Ms Nasreen Bin Mohammad
Mr Schez Khan

Developers/Team Leaders:
Mr Moksud Miah
Mr Sergiu Toderas
Mr Hifzurrahman - Sys Admin
Mr Mintu Shabiqul
Mr Mahfooz Haq
Mr Ciubotaru Florin
Mr Orid Ahmed

Mr Rashid Ahmed
Ms Muzeena Saboor
Ms Aysha Ali Khan
Mr Jahid Keizar
Ms Zara Rahman
Ms Maryam Iliyas
Ms Nazma Begum
Mr Farid Ahmed
Mr Mamun Kadir
Mr Thouhid Ahmed
Ms Nilupa Yasmin
Mr Shazul Hug